Emily Sifrit

is the designer behind e.Kaye, a clothing label based in Chicago, IL. She began sewing at her grandmother’s table at the age of seven and has let her instincts and imagination guide the way since. Emily considers fabric her artistic medium, although she’s been known to create rare garments using burlap, plastic tarps, and foil. Her statements are versatile, edgy, feminine, and always nod to pure sensuality. Emily loves the Old City and will be back soon fluffing clothes, making adjustments, and being inspired by all that Saint Augustine is.

Photographer Rudy Arias

has been shooting for a little over 42 years. He left Chicago for NYC in 1980, then after his first gallery exhibit in Paris in 1984 he moved to Europe, then Milano. Rudy repatriated in 1998, now lives in Jacksonville, Flordia. He shoots both digital and film. A special thanks go out to Rudy for introducing these talented designers and models to one another. Also, for his choosing Saint Augustine as the location to bring his creative talent here.

Model Katherine Grant  / also on the cover

Shot at 315+ year-old Castillo de San Marcos stone fortress Saint Augustine, Florida—the Nation’s Oldest City