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Women 24 to 65.


She knows who she is.


She likes and takes care of herself.


She’s giving. Helps others whenever she can.


Surrounds herself with things she’s collected.


Social media active, it’s her primary news source.


Busy so time is important, her leisure time is very important. Decisions on what to do, buy, and see are made in advance.


She lives here, a snowbird, lives within a day trip away, wants to relocate here, comes on vacation, never been and wants to see firsthand what St. Augustine is about.





Our readers have an expendable income,

who also care about the community in which they live.


SAM raises the bar in terms of local’s interests — cultural editorial exposure in the region, and we believe to have set a new standard for media that speaks to Historic Coast professionals and executives from St Augustine to Amelia Island and every community in between. 



Profile of General Population U.S. Census 2017



St. Johns County’s Population 243,812



St. Johns County average household income ranks

highest in Florida at $69,523 



St. Johns County Husband & Wife Households

[no children] 56.1 percent



The state sales tax is 6 percent